‘Sierra’ Tote Bag


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Once upon a time, in a world full of monsters, there lived a fluffy monster named Sierra. Sierra loved to keep herself clean, and she always made sure to take a bath in rainbow-colored bubbles. She was famous among the other monsters for her love of rainbows and her sparkling clean fur.

One day, Sierra decided to take a bath in her own bathroom. She filled the tub with rainbow bubbles and climbed in, ready to enjoy her soak. As she was relaxing in the tub, she started to shake her fur, causing the rainbow bubbles to fly all over the place.

The bathroom was soon covered in a rainbow of colors, and Sierra was having so much fun she didn’t even notice the mess she was making. The other monsters who lived in the house couldn’t help but smile as they watched Sierra shake the rainbow bubbles all over the place.

After her bath, Sierra went to bed with a smile on her face, happy and refreshed from her fun rainbow bubble bath. The next morning, she was greeted by a surprise. The other monsters had cleaned up the bathroom for her, and they had even added some rainbow decorations to the room. They had also left a note that said, “We love your rainbow baths, Sierra. They bring happiness to our home.”

Sierra was touched by the kindness of her friends. She realized that she didn’t have to be embarrassed about her love of rainbows and her messy bathroom. Instead, she should embrace it and spread the happiness it brings to others.

From that day on, Sierra took pride in her rainbow bubble baths, and she shook her fur even more, spreading rainbows everywhere she went. The other monsters couldn’t help but smile and join in on the fun, making their home even brighter and happier. And so, Sierra lived happily ever after, always surrounded by rainbows.


A spacious and trendy tote bag to help you carry around everything that matters.

• 100% spun polyester fabric
• Bag size: 15″ × 15″ (38.1 × 38.1 cm)
• Capacity: 2.6 US gal (10 l)
• Maximum weight limit: 44lbs (20 kg)
• Dual handles made from 100% natural cotton bull denim
• Handle length 11.8″ (30 cm), width 1″ (2.5 cm)
• The handles can slightly differ depending on the fulfillment location
• Blank product components sourced from China

SKU: 63E2F61904E94 Categories: , , Tags: ,


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