Meet the Team: Interviews with Our Monsters

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Hello, Bébé Monstre fans! Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite members of the Enchanted Forest team. Get ready to learn a little more about the personalities behind our most beloved monster babies!


An Interview with Mirth

Q: Mirth, what’s the best part of living in the enchanted forest?

A: Oh, the surprises! Every day is a new adventure. One minute you’re chasing a butterfly; the next, you’re finding a new kind of flower to add to your collection. There’s never a dull moment!

A Chat with Serene


Q: Serene, your fur is such a lovely mix of pink and blue. Is there a story behind it?

A: Why, thank you! I like to think my fur reflects the dawn sky – a symbol of the joy and tranquility that a new day brings. Each day is a fresh start, and I want my appearance to inspire others to embrace it with optimism.

Getting to Know Lila

Q: Lila, you always have the most beautiful flowers. Where do you find them?

A: I have a secret garden deep in the forest where the most exquisite flowers grow. But the real beauty isn’t just in their colors or scents; it’s in the act of giving them to someone and seeing their face light up.


A Word with Audie

Q: Audie, you’re known as the ‘Flower Monster’. What got you interested in flower arranging?

A: It all started when I noticed how a simple flower could bring a smile to someone’s face. From there, I learned to combine different flowers into arrangements to spread even more joy!

That’s it for today’s interviews! We hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the lives of our monster babies. Stay tuned for more fun chats with the rest of our enchanted forest family!

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