My Little Monster: A Sonnet of Love and Friendship

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Story Time | 0 comments

Oh, monster, dear friend that lurks beneath,
Beneath the bed where I lay down to sleep,
What wonders do you keep, what joys do you bequeath,
When in the night you make your presence seep?

Your fur so soft, and colors so bright,
A playful hop and bouncy little stride,
With little claws and teeth so small and slight,
You’re my best friend, always by my side.

In the stillness of the night, we talk and play,
Sharing stories, secrets, and endless delight,
And in your loving presence, fear fades away,
For you make the dark a place of pure light.

With every little growl and playful roar,
You fill my heart with happiness and delight,
For in your presence, I need fear no more,
And the night becomes a place of pure light.

With each and every hop and bouncy stride,
You show the world that monsters can be friends,
And in your loving presence, fears subside,
As we share the joy that never ends.

You’re the best friend that I could ever ask,
A creature so loving and so full of grace,
A playmate, confidant, and more in every task,
A wonder to behold, in every single place.

So monster, dear friend that lurks beneath,
I thank you for the gift of love you’ve spread,
For in your loving presence, I have found relief,
And in the darkness of the night, my fears have fled.


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