Adorable Baby Monsters: An Ode to Innocence and Charm

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Story Time | 0 comments

Adorable baby monsters, oh, how they do intrigue
With their big bright eyes and their tiny clawed feet
They crawl, and they waddle, so clumsy and cute
Their roars and their growls like a musical hoot

Their fur, it’s so fluffy, in colors so bright
The way that it sways in the moon’s eerie light
Their teeth are so sharp, and their tongues are so long
And yet they’re so innocent, they’ve done nothing wrong

Adorable baby monsters, they’re such a delight
In the dark of the night, they bring joy and light
They’re mischievous and curious, they’re full of surprise
They’ll tickle your toes, or perhaps just your thighs

They may look so scary, with their claws and their scales
But they’re just like any baby, they’re curious and frail
They need love, and they need care, just like me and you
They’re not here to harm us; that much is true

So let’s embrace these creatures; let’s show them our love
For they’re just little babies, sent from up above
Adorable baby monsters, oh, how we adore
With each little growl, they capture our hearts more and more.


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