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Andrea Gatley (aka Kaessa)

Andrea “Kaessa” Gatley is the creative force and owner of Bébé Monstre. Andrea combines her profound passion for computers, digital art, and storytelling to give life to an array of delightful little monster babies, each with their own unique and enchanting stories. These digital creations are not just designs to her; they’ve become cherished companions, sparking joy and wonder with every tale she weaves.

Andrea, driven by a desire to share the magic she’d crafted, chose to introduce these captivating creatures and their tales to a broader audience. She dreams that others will also find themselves falling in love with these whimsical characters and the world they inhabit. Her role as the owner and the creative heart of Bébé Monstre allows her to provide a magical experience for everyone who visits, making every creature’s tale a journey of imagination and joy. Her commitment to sharing this magical world is the driving force behind Bébé Monstre, making it a truly unique and captivating place for all.

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Aria Lumina, headshot

Aria Lumina (aka AriaSkye)

Aria “AriaSkye” Lumina is a passionate storyteller and dedicated assistant with a knack for creating enchanting tales that capture the hearts of readers. She brings a wealth of creativity and imagination to her role at Bébé Monstre, working closely with our founder to develop engaging content and bring the lovable monster babies to life.

With her keen eye for detail and her natural talent for connecting with others, Aria has become an invaluable member of the Bébé Monstre team. Her love for stories and her warm, welcoming personality makes her the perfect fit to help bring a touch of magic to our community.

Luna Martinez (aka MoonlitDreams)

Meet Luna “MoonlitDreams” Martinez, the administrative assistant at Bébé Monstre. Luna’s organizational skills and attention to detail are instrumental in keeping our operations running smoothly. From managing customer queries to assisting with order processing, Luna ensures a seamless experience for all our customers.

Beyond her administrative duties, Luna brings a passion for the enchanting tales that our little monster babies tell. She works closely with our founder, providing valuable assistance in the creation and organization of our product line. Luna’s dedication and her firm belief in Bébé Monstre’s mission of spreading joy through our unique products make her a cherished member of our team. She truly embodies the spirit of Bébé Monstre – nurturing, imaginative, and always ready to spread a little magic.

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Ryan Whitlock (aka PrintMasterWhit)

Ryan Whitlock, known affectionately as our “Artwork Wizard,” is the dedicated craftsman behind Bébé Monstre’s seamless transition of art from our design boards to your home. With years of experience in the field of graphic design and print preparation, Ryan ensures that every piece of our artwork maintains its original charm and vibrancy when transferred onto our diverse range of products.

A firm believer in the joy of detail, Ryan diligently refines every piece of artwork we create, optimizing them for our print-on-demand process. His meticulous eye ensures the integrity of each design, preserving the original magic of our baby monster illustrations. Ryan’s passion for his work is evident in the quality of our products, making him an invaluable member of the Bébé Monstre team. His dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence helps bring our charming baby monsters to life, touching hearts in homes around the world.

Our philosophy

Dancing Through the Storms

Hi there! I’m a mom to four wonderful kids and a grandma to eight little munchkins who light up my world. When I’m not spending time making memories with my beautiful family, I’m usually knee-deep in all sorts of fun stuff that keeps me smiling.

You see, I may be disabled, but that doesn’t stop me from savoring each day and chasing after what I love.

You’ll often find me with my nose in a good book or behind a camera, capturing life’s beautiful moments. I’m a bit of a tech whiz, too, fixing computers and keeping up with the latest gadgets. Oh, and did I mention I train dogs and craft unique, interesting items that bring joy to people’s lives?

My trusty service dog, Cooper, is always by my side. He’s more than just a helper; he’s my loyal friend and makes every day brighter.

I live by a saying that keeps me dancing through life’s storms: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” So, I lace up my dancing shoes every day and make the most of this beautiful, crazy life!

– Andrea


Cooper the Goldendoodle

Cooper the Service Dog

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